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Vishion Announces Panel of Judges for Interior Design Award Competition

Vishion, a Charlotte, NC-based interior design startup, recently announced the panel of judges for the upcoming Vishion interior design award. The award will recognize designers who showcase a passion for incorporating complex color palettes in a single space design across textiles, materials, space planning and staging to appeal to our emotions.

The Vishion Design Award judging panel will consist of the following judges: 

  • Tiffany Brooks, HGTV host and interior designer 
  • Michelle Workman, interior designer 
  • Anne England, co-founder & president of social responsibility at Industry West 
  • Lynai Jones, owner & CEO of Mitchell Black  
  • Kelly Clifford, co-founder of Kavka Designs  
  • Danielle Arps, interior designer  

Submissions are open until Jan. 17, 2020, and winners will be announced in February, 2020. Judges will assess entries across the following criteria:

  • Color palette complexity: How has a complexity of color been utilized in the design.
  • Quality: Overall level of craftsmanship and skill.
  • Creativity & innovation: What design challenges did the designer have and how did they address them?
  • ‘Wow’ factor: Is the design stunning?
  • Personal story: Why the entrant became a designer and why design is important to them.
  • Social sharing and engagement: Was the designer able to garner social support for their design?

The grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $5,000, in addition to a feature on the Vishion blog, PR promotion, and media coverage. 

Vishion chief marketing officer, Bryan McCarter says, “The Vishion Design Award is built around how designers use a complexity of color in their designs. Developing and executing against complex color palettes is what the Vishion app does best and this competition will help make the connection between how the Vishion app can aid designers in their work related to color palette development and design execution.”

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