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Coohom Hosts Home Furnishings Conference, Showcases 128K Rendering Possibilities, the parent company of Coohom, China’s leading 3D visualization and interior design platform for the home furnishings industry, hosted its 2019 Conference in Hangzhou, China on Nov. 27.

The event brought together 3,000 home furnishing companies, 1,800 interior design influentials, and 10,000 industry professionals altogether. The conference intended to shed light on new product innovation and digital trends related to the home furnishings industry.

Hang Chen, co-founder and CEO of Kujiale, said that the company will provide solutions for commercial & industrial interior design studios, custom furniture companies, and smart home manufacturers in 2020.

The tech company also announced its plans to build a joint laboratory of graphics and intelligent computing with Zhejiang University, a Chinese university following MIT in URAP Field Rankings. It is said that the two sides will carry out more in-depth and specific long-term scientific research cooperation in the field of computer graphics and artificial intelligence, and work on breakthrough innovation and implementation of related technologies in the field of home decor, architecture design and kitchen & bath.

The speech came to a climax when Chen showed the audience the context of how Kujiale uses the cloud technology -- a 128K resolution, that has 128,000 horizontal pixels by 64,000 vertical pixels (10 times the industry's highest resolution), and a 720-degree view of dynamic loaded CGI rendering.

The technology lets people to zoom in & out of a space as large as 20K sq. ft, and one single file size for a scene like this is about 2GB to 5GB, which equals putting 256 pieces of 8K resolution images altogether.  

“Such innovative technological breakthroughs will make it possible for presenting any enormous interior design to your client, and the results enjoy super high level of refinement that you can’t find existing elsewhere on the market.” Chen said.

The “Scene Revolution” was first defined by Haier, the global household appliance manufacturing giant and a smart home pioneer since 2000, as a turning point for its retail business by converting its innovative products into customer demands in real life scenarios. 

As a result, Haier provides complete solutions for building a smart home scene including smart living room, smart kitchen and bathroom, rather than selling their products separately. The same ideas are given by other companies like Google Nest, where thermostats, and indoor and outdoor security systems are seen in a “connected” home.

Kujiale announced its partnership with Haier and other smart home manufacturers during the conference to offer pre-planning home design solutions for the smart household appliances and devices, and to bring the end customers a “WYSIWYG” buying experience.

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