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Fast Fact: Generation Z Expects a Fully Integrated Shopping Experience

During the next five years, over 20 million consumers tagged as Generation Z will pour into young-adult status with the leading edge surpassing the age of 21 this year, graduating from college and entering the workforce. This week’s fast fact explores the shopping habits of the upcoming industry consumers.

Gen Z are “more traditional shoppers than Millennials,” said Katherine Cullen, director of retail and consumer insights for NRF. “They are killing the idea that online and offline are separate.”

Studies and surveys are being published almost monthly, detailing how young Gen Zers currently shop. Currently 98% of Gen Zers prefer to shop in brick and mortar stores, while almost half (46%) research items on smartphones before making in-store purchases. 60% prefer the mall to shopping – likely due to socialization and inability for younger teens to drive to multiple retail locations. 70% influence family decisions regarding items such as furniture, household goods, and food and beverage.

For a closer look at survey results, click here.

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