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Brooklyn Bedding Launches The Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

Mattress producer and retailer Brooklyn Bedding has launched the Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket, designed to provide deep touch pressure support and a calmer, more soothing night's sleep.

The blanket's unique dual therapy features come from a flippable and removable duvet cover: one side blankets sleepers in warmth and security; the other side provides the tranquility of weight, coupled with an advanced cooling fabric.

"When developing products it's imperative to look at the sleep system holistically," said John Merwin, owner and CEO of Brooklyn Bedding. "While the popularity of weighted blankets for therapeutic benefits is at an all-time high, comfort and cooling benefits are still essential to sleepers. We combined premium fabrics in one duvet to deliver two-sided comfort and temperature moderation: one side of the blanket provides what I would characterize as traditional warmth while the flip side delivers tranquil cooling. That second feature is especially important to those who want the security of weight without becoming overheated."

The weighted blanket is available in both 15-pound and 20-pound weight options, allowing sleepers to customize the depth of touch support depending on the customer's age and size. High-end details include 12 individual ties and loops on the inside to ensure a snug fit and even distribution of weight throughout the blanket. The duvet cover itself is washable for easy care and a more hypoallergenic sleep experience—an especially important feature given the blanket's versatility.

"Compression benefits, also known as gravity benefits, go well beyond the bedroom and sleeping to include relaxing, studying and traveling," said Merwin. "Like any blanket, a weighted version can be taken virtually anywhere. It can appeal to all ages and has shown in many cases to help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing the ability to focus. Given the weighted blanket's multifunctional nature we've put an extraordinary amount of thought and detail into making a high quality product with unique enhancements."

Dimensions for both weights of blankets are a universal 60 inches by 80 inches. The 15-pound and 20-pound weights retail for $139 and $149, respectively.

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