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Barcalounger Launches New Branded Retail Presentation at HP Market

Motion furniture manufacturer Barcalounger has announced the launch of Comfort Studio, a branded retail presentation of its product line, at the upcoming High Point Market

Comfort Studio is designed to “simplify the shopping experience and make it more informative and enjoyable for the consumer,” said Larry Smith, president and chief executive officer.  “We want to make the purchase decision for shoppers easier.”

The company will show a prototype of the 500-to-1,500-square-foot unified Comfort Studio display in its new showroom on the 10th floor of the Commerce Wing of the IHFC in Space C-1025.

Catering to small-to-medium-sized independent furniture stores, the program offers comprehensive customer support such as educational point-of-purchase signage, product hangtags with leather/fabric swatch alternatives and access to complete product information via the dealer’s choice of a catalog and swatch stand or a touch-screen online kiosk with 4-color product imagery and pricing, availability and delivery data.

“Comfort Studio by Barcalounger is backed by our quick-ship priority service from our in-stock North Carolina warehouse program offering delivery of 95% of orders within 48 to 72 hours,” Smith said. Participating retailers are also eligible for special promotions and terms.

Bill Bacon, president of Bacon’s Furniture in Port Charlotte, Fla. was part of a soft launch of the Comfort Studio by Barcalounger, installing an approximate 1,500-square-foot display in late September. “The just-in-time delivery Barcalounger offers is a critical part of the puzzle, and a competitive edge for us,” Bacon said.

Bacon’s installed a 42-inch touchscreen Barcalounger kiosk offering all product, price and delivery information. “Our customer is blown away by the Wondersign Kiosk, and it enables us to answer all questions about dimensions, availability and pricing while the customer is standing there,” added Bacon. “The salespeople love the kiosk, display and educational POP. It makes for a seamless shopping experience.” 

Top 100 furniture retailer Johnny Janosik in Laurel, Delaware also installed an early prototype of the Barcalounger Comfort Studio several months ago, featuring 6 power reclining group room settings and 10 power recliners and pedestal chairs and ottomans, along with signage and a catalog stand for special orders. Since setting up the 2,000-square-foot space, the merchant has seen an uptick in sales, special order business and excitement about Barcalounger’s products from retail salespeople and shoppers, said Chairman Dave Koehler.

“It makes it easier for the sales associates to demonstrate all the features and benefits of the furniture in one area and has generated enthusiasm for the brand. Because of the easy-to-use catalog stand with leather/fabric swatches, the consumer is confident to special order a different cover,” said Koehler. “Barcalounger’s (quick-ship program) has been a huge advantage for us. They ship out the special orders to us 48 to 72 hours after receipt, and we receive them in very short order.”

Merchandising Manager Bob Russo added, “The Barcalounger (Comfort Studio) has created excitement about the brand on the sales floor and makes it easy to shop and engage with the brand.”

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