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Badcock Launches E-Commerce Functionality, Online Purchasing

W.S. Badcock Corporation (Badcock), a leading furniture retailer with 367 stores in eight states, has fully launched the Badcock Home Furniture &More brand’s website e-commerce functionality, offering all product lines that are currently available through its brick and mortar stores.

The company quietly rolled out its new cart and checkout functions at the beginning of May as part of a testing phase in order to ensure a seamless and positive customer experience before spotlighting its new capabilities to the public. 

Badcock Home Furniture &more recognizes that this is the age of customer experience and the ability to transact online from the comfort of home is the expectation by today’s digitally-connected consumer.

Like most e-commerce platforms, customers can visit to browse products, gain product knowledge, read reviews, finalize purchases, and schedule delivery from their local Badcock store. Since furniture is a look, feel, and test category, customers are also able to see which stores in their area have the desired products on display. This allows the customer to view items in person, ask friendly associates any remaining product questions, and finalize purchasing decisions. Time-crunched consumers prefer this type of functional duality which allows them to do their browsing on their own and streamlines any optional visit to a physical store.

“Having an e-commerce offering was an obvious and important need for our company to continue to grow,” said Rob Burnette, president and CEO. “Even though we are a company with a rich and long heritage, we have to make sure to continuously adapt to meet our customer where they are. Right now, and in the future, our customers are online and have expectations that we are as well.”

The long-planned venture came to fruition through a partnership with long-time, furniture retailer focused Storis’ integrated e-commerce platform, eStoris. At Badcock, Director of Special Projects Kelley Trivett, spearheaded the project from its inception which included a site re-design with more robust content and functionality in August of 2018. Guiding the team and other partners, Trivett oversaw the details and scope of work to bring the ambitious initiative to life. Of the launch, she says, “I am humbled and honored to be part of such an important project for Badcock’s continued success. It has been a long road to get here, but I am pleased with the results so far and am incredibly proud and thankful of the efforts by my team and others that helped us along the way.”

For Vice President of Marketing Barb Scherer, who joined the company in January and has oversight for e-commerce, “E-commerce closes the loop for us for our customers’ journeys. As we continue to evolve how we engage with home furnishings shoppers through more digital channels, it’s important that the brand itself become omni-channel to adapt to their behaviors and meet their needs.” She continued, “I am very proud of our special projects e-commerce team that has worked so hard to make this become a reality for the company.”

“Our motto and our focus is that Badcock will treat you right. Regardless of whether you are an online customer or an in-store customer, your satisfaction is our top priority and we will do everything we can to make sure your experience is a positive one,” concluded Burnette.

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