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Zedbed Enters U.S. Market with New Upscale Mattress Collection

Bedding supplier Zedbed, a Canadian division of Kingsdown, has announced the launch of the Adjust Copper Collection, making its first major push into the U.S. market. The collection features a copper-infused version of its proprietary VX foam.

“Over the last year since our merger we’ve been laying the foundation to take advantage of new synergies across the organization,” said Frank Hood, president and chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “The introduction of Zedbed’s Adjust Copper Collection into the U.S. market gives us another powerful brand allows us to expand our reach and open additional retail doors in the U.S.”

The three-model lineup, which retails for $1,999, $2,199 and $2,499 in queen sets, includes a 2-inch layer of copper-infused VX foam at the top of each mattress. The new formulation combines the health benefits of copper with the cooling properties of VX (ventilation extreme), Zedbed’s proprietary water-expanded, pressure-relieving material that delivers the comfort of memory foam and the support of high density polyurethane foam.

In addition, VX foam has a unique airflow design so it does not react to body heat or ambient air, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the night in all seasons.

“The cutting-edge foams that make up this collection deliver the finest in comfort and support and give Zedbed a great entry to the U.S. by targeting health-conscious U.S. consumers,” said Hood, adding that the benefits of copper are becoming more widely known.

All three new mattresses include a layer of micro-coils in the center third for lumbar support. Each also features a foam core with horizontal channels in a wave design that increases flexibility so the mattress will move in harmony with an adjustable bed base.

In addition to the foam core and support layer with micro-coils, each of the three models features varying levels of the copper-infused VX foam. The base model, Adjust Copper, retails for $1,999; the Adjust Copper Ultra for $2,199; and the Adjust Copper Deluxe for $2,499.

Zedbed develops and pours the high-density, foams used in its mattresses and pillows in its Montreal-area facility. The in-house process allows Zedbed to maintain control over the quality of the proprietary components used in its products.

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