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Ikea Unveils 2020 Catalog, Focus on Sleep Solutions

Ikea has announced the release of the 2020 Ikea U.S. catalog, available in-store and online, featuring new lower prices on products throughout and over 280 pages of design inspiration and solutions for achieving a fresh start at home.

Filled with ideas to inspire a better everyday life at home no matter how you live, this year's catalog theme is all about the importance and joy of getting a great night's sleep. 

Based on findings from the annual Ikea Life at Home Report, the 2020 catalog features six distinct homes - all with varying styles, sizes and budgets. Specifically, the latest global study uncovered five universal, core emotional needs that need to be fulfilled in order for a living space to truly feel like "home":  Belonging, Ownership, Security, Comfort and Privacy.

"We all live differently, but we all deserve a space that truly feels like home – a sanctuary we can return to and recenter amidst the craziness of the outside world," said Antonella Pucarelli, commercial manager at Ikea U.S. "With the unique spread of homes in our catalog, we wanted to showcase how each emotional need for 'home' can be met regardless of your living situation." 

"At Ikea, we believe you can't underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. We know that everyone needs the physical and mental reset great sleep provides to feel our best and live our lives to the fullest – and that's something everyone should be able to afford," said  Pucarelli. "In our 2020 catalog, we're on a mission to 'save our sleep' by providing easy, affordable solutions to help sleep-deprived Americans get the fresh start they need."

The catalog ranges From blackout blinds and comfortable mattresses to new additions like sound absorbing decorative panels and ergonomic pillows designed for every kind of sleeper, the 2020 catalog is designed to provide consumers the best options for restful sleep.

For the first time, Ikea invited five designers from different countries to help co-create a tailored "Lab Home" for their markets. The designers were given the same multi-generational family living in a compact two-bedroom apartment and challenged to design it for their market's unique preferences and considerations. 

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