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Cancer Touches Every Life - Part 1

Annual Road Trip
Daryl Alterwitz

Cancer Touches Every Life - Part 1

Friends, I have been in the saddle now for 12 consecutive days, with about 775 miles behind me and about 600 miles in front of me.  I’m feeling strong and not too road weary, buoyed by the beauty of rural New England and the tremendous camaraderie of friends.   The first 4  days were self supported carrying about 18 pounds of gear across the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire (about 20,000’ of climbing), but the pure simplicity of those 4 days were without compare.  One difficult moment when we submitted a long hill to find a memorial to the 7 Marines who were killed instantly when their motorcycles were all struck by  a jackknifing truck.  We dismounted our bikes and bowed our heads before 7 white crosses and a sea of flags, knowing that but for the awful grace of god, “there go I”.

With heavy hearts we descended to the Maine coast and toured the Acadian National Forrest and south to Portland.  Unlike long beaches on the west coast, the terrain is broken up into isolated beaches separated by vast inlets and coves carved by the mountain rivers flowing into the sea.  Rail Trails are especially appreciated as it allows us to stay off busy road and surreptitiously enter larger cities without risk.   A few pictures attached. 

For all of those who have donated to my PMC, again I say thank you so much.  Without your support it’s just a long bike ride.   For those of you still considering, attached is a link to donate.   That’s all for now.   Thanks, Daryl

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