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Hickory Springs Launches 4 Micro-Coil Systems, Ideal for eCommerce and Hybrid Mattresses

Hickory Springs (HSM), an integrated manufacturer serving the home furnishings industry, has unveiled four micro-coil systems that enhance durability, comfort, air flow and pressure relief.

Featuring coil counts as high as 5,000 for a queen-size mattress – setting a new standard for micro-coil layers in the industry – the new products are ideal for use in eCommerce and hybrid mattresses.

Hickory Springs can customize the new-gen products by employing a variety of coil configurations, called Springs Anywhere, to create comfort and support “zones” with the pocketed coils.

“These cutting-edge products are the result of our commitment to fostering innovation and developing components that keep our mattress industry partners ahead of the competition,” said Brad Crump, director of product development and marketing for comfort layer solutions at Hickory Springs. “Our zoning capabilities provide an extreme level of flexibility in mattress design. In addition the products are roll-pack friendly, making them ideal for the ever-growing demand for eCommerce mattress solutions.”

The new comfort layers are headlined by the Micro Duo, a patent-pending design that features a coil made with 22-gauge wire (0.73 mm) inside of a coil made of 20.5-gauge wire (0.85 mm). The design doubles the points of contact with the sleeper’s body, enhancing comfort and support while providing added pressure relief.

The design also results in the highest coil counts available in the industry – 5,000 in a queen-size mattress.

The company is also launching Micro 4.0, which is a 4,000 coil-count queen micro-coil designed as a substitute for latex and foam surface layers because of its softness and versatility.  It features coils made of 22-gauge wire, which is the smallest wire gauge in the marketplace, adding comfort without the feel of the coils. The design also helps keep the mattress surface cool with airflow characteristics unmatched by any other technology in the industry.

Both Micro Duo and Micro 4.0 are available in a host of Springs Anywhere configurations, including designs that feature firmer coils along the edge and/or center of the mattress, checkerboard patterns that alternate the firm and soft coils and stripe patterns that create lower cost options, while maintaining a full sheet micro-coil story.

Finally, Hickory Springs continues to offer Micro 2.0 and Micro 2.5 in Springs Anywhere which utilize two different coils – a softer version made with 19-gauge wire (1.0mm) and a firmer one made with 17.5-gauge wire (1.3mm).

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