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Polipol Implements Lectra’s Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order

Lectra, a supplier of integrated technology solutions for industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, has expanded its partnership with upholstery manufacturer Polipol into Industry 4.0 fabric cutting.

Polipol has chosen to implement Lectra’s Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order solution as part of their cutting room. Polipol was an important R&D partner during the development phase of the Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order solution, ensuring that the new solution would meet the needs of furniture manufacturers.

Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order consists of Lectra’s digital cutting platform and the Virga single-ply fabric cutting solution. Together, they create an intelligent production process that connects all steps from order processing to cutting. Industry 4.0 technologies make it possible to manage the complexity of made-to-order manufacturing and eliminate the limitations that exist in the cutting room.

With a digitalized data flow between the ERP system and the cutting department, Polipol gains more transparency and control over the entire production process. In this way, the upholstered furniture manufacturer can meet rising customer requirements for individualization, shorter delivery times and high quality at affordable prices. Polipol aims to achieve more agility and higher throughput, cost efficiency and scalability.

"To support Polipol's future growth, we need a solid foundation of innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Lectra is one of the key partners for our forward-looking Industry 4.0 cutting room," said Gerd Hemmerling, founder and managing director, Polipol.

"Polipol and Lectra share the same philosophy of innovation: we are both committed to being industry pioneers. The implementation of Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order at Polipol is a showcase project for digital transformation in the upholstered furniture industry and another milestone in our Industry 4.0 strategy," said Daniel Harari, chairman and CEO, Lectra.

The Industry 4.0 project follows the companies’ implementation of a leather competence center at the Polipol plant in Wagrowiec, Poland, one of the world's most advanced upholstered furniture plants. The center, which has eight of the latest generation Versalis®cutters with 14 digitalization stations, is at the forefront of innovation in the upholstered furniture production market.

As the furniture industry undergoes drastic change, Lectra’s Industry 4.0 strategy delivers state-of-the-art solutions that will help manufacturers bring furniture to customers faster, more cost-effectively and with more customization options than ever before. Following the introduction of Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Orderlast year, Lectra announced more offerings for 2019 to carry this strategy further into the upholstered furniture industry.

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