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Tempur-Pedic Unveils Tempur-Breeze Line, Up to 8 Degrees Cooler

Tempur-Pedic, a brand of Tempur Sealy International, Inc. (NYSE: TPX), has announced its new Tempur-breeze mattress line, designed to stay up to eight degrees cooler through the night.

"Sleeping cooler, and in particular, sleeping cooler throughout the night, is the number one unmet consumer need in the sleep industry -- with more than 60% of Americans struggling with this problem -- and the new Tempur-breeze is the only mattress line that truly addresses it," said Rick Anderson, EVP and president, Tempur Sealy North America. "Tempur-breeze mattresses are a thermodynamic breakthrough that provide both unbeatable all-night cooling and maximum pressure relief for a deeper, more refreshing sleep."

Tempur-Pedic's thermal, material  and textile scientists -- including ten cross functional teams across three continents -- have spent more than ten years and 2.6 million hours on R&D in its Thermal Lab. Building on the company’s commitment to innovation, the new Tempur-breeze mattress was created to perform at each layer and across the whole system. This coordination addresses temperature and humidity flux in the sleep microclimate during three separate phases of sleep:

  • When you lie downThe high molecular weight yarn in the SmartClimate Dual Cover System delivers a cooling sensation up to 30 percent more intense than non-cooling models. Thermal effusivity tests—which measure heat absorption—confirm this cool-to-touch yarn absorbs heat throughout sleep, continually feeling cool as you roll over and adjust. With a washable, easy-to-remove cover that features a patent-pending 360-degree zipper system, cooling effects will not diminish. 
  • As you fall asleep: At about 80°F, the molecules within Tempur-breeze's most efficient Phase Change Material (PCM) to-date, Purecool+, activate, shifting from a solid to a liquid to absorb massive amounts of heat. Tempur-Pedic's scientists successfully altered these proprietary molecules to deliver more phase change material, increasing its capacity to absorb heat by 2x compared to other PCM. 
  • Staying cool all night: Tempur-Cm+ comfort layer is up to 10x more porous to more effectively channel heat and humidity away from you all night long. For the first time, both phase change and climate materials are integrated into the bed's top layer where they're most effective.

The new Tempur-breeze line includes Probreeze, which features three-level cooling system and feels up to 3 degrees cooler through the night. It's available in medium and medium hybrid and retails at a price point of $3,799 for queen-size. 

The Luxebreeze also includes the company's most advanced pressure relieving material in a ventilated Tempur-Apr support layer, delivering even more breathability and cooling comfort for four-levels of cooling technology. As a result, it feels up to eight degrees cooler through the night. Available in soft and firm versions, the Luxebreeze retails at $4,499 for queen-size.

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