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de Sede Introduces New Luxury Mattress

Swiss furniture producer de Sede has announced its entry into the bedding category, manufacturing customized mattresses in Klingnau, Switzerland since earlier this year. 

The company relies solely on high-quality material: individual integral springs, sewn into pockets and a selected mixture of silk, horsetail hair, hemp, hairlock and four different types of wool plus cotton.

The special feature of the new de Sede mattress is the individual customization. For this purpose, a specialist measures each customer individually. He collects details about the size of the body zones, the weight, the sleeping position and the evaluation of the sensation of warmth and feeling of lying. From this information, an individual composition of seven horizontal and four vertical comfort zones will be tailored.

The design of the mattress reflects the design language and craftsmanship of de Sede, covered by hand with high-quality bull leather. Leather type and color can be selected from the de Sede leather collection. The surrounding “leather coating” has integrated air outlets to ensure a balanced air circulation.

For the development and implementation of the new mattress collection, de Sede collaborated with professionals and external experts in various disciplines (sleep research, ergonomics and sustainability). The sleeping system uses skin receptors to promote a physically and mentally restful sleep. These receptors or their physiological functionalities respectively transmit sensory signals to the brain, the body moves accordingly when asleep. The de Sede mattress technology prevents these signals from being amplified in such a way that a person will noticeably less tense when sleeping and waken up far less frequently. This is possible due to a carefully selected, natural padding made of materials that supports the body’s natural sleep posture.

“I replaced my old mattress with the new de Sede mattress during the test phase. This was the only way I could really evaluate how good the mattress really is. I haven’t given it back since then and can sign with my name that the mattress guarantees noticeably improved sleeping comfort,” said Monika Walser, CEO, de Sede.

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