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MicroD Launches New 3D Solutions

MicroD, a leading provider of online product catalog solutions and digital brand visibility for the home furnishings industry, has announced new 3D visualization products and will demonstrate the new technology at the upcoming High Point Market

The company introduced three new add-ons to its technology platform to make the product-buying experience more immersive and engaging. Vue360, ePreVue360, ePreVue3D are now available in the marketplace for retailers and brands of the home furnishings industry.

Founded on the patented website platform and dynamic draping technology developed by MicroD under the brand name of ePreVue, these new 3D solutions allow unprecedented customization for brands and retailers.

“Our ePreVue360 Solution is the only offering to the industry that combines the Vue360 experience with full product customization capability in 4k resolution,” said Ron Gordon, SVP of technology. “It breaks new ground in introducing the best of 2D/3D experience with the market-proven fabric draping functionality pioneered by MicroD.”

These products combine to produce a foundation of product visualization for home furnishings shoppers. As the buyer’s journey becomes more personalized, shoppers want to experience the products from all perspectives, with every customized configuration possible at the highest quality. MicroD says its customizable, spinning, interactive 3D product presentation technology is the next step for retailers and manufacturers to engage shoppers.

“We know that ultimately, the baseline 3D event, whether on a laptop, tablet or mobile device, is going to be an immersive experience with full product customization. From visualizing the selection of a fabric on different sections of a sofa to building and customizing your own sectional to moving that product around visually in your own living space,” said Richard Sexton, chief product officer. “This is the exciting step in providing that immersive visualization experience, and requires no special equipment. It is part of the MicroD platform.”

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