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Thrive Global Names Ibach as Sleep Editor-at-Large

Shelly Ibach, president and CEO of Sleep Number (NASDAQ:SNBR) has been named Sleep Editor-at-Large for Thrive Global, the behavior change media and technology company founded and led by Arianna Huffington.

Ibach debuts in this additional role by launching “Sleep Well,” a special section on Thrive Global, in advance of National Sleep Foundation's Sleep Awareness Week 2019.

Ibach will share perspectives from opinion leaders, personal experiences, and advice and insights to create a dialogue around the importance of quality sleep. Individuals will learn how to turn awareness of the importance of sleep into personal action – changing their lives for the better.

Huffington has championed the sleep revolution since collapsing from sleep deprivation and burnout in 2007. With her appointment of Ibach, a recognized leader in sleep innovation, Huffington hopes to accelerate the vital culture shift the world needs: to recognize quality sleep as the foundation to overall well-being. 

"Shelly is a passionate advocate for the power of sleep to transform our society and has been a pioneer in using science, technology and data to improve people's sleep," said Huffington. "With Shelly’s leadership and vision as our Sleep Editor-at-Large, our new “Sleep Well” section will become the global hub for the conversation around sleep, health and performance, and give our growing community the tools they need to transform their lives one night at a time."

“Quality sleep is the center of a healthy lifestyle – I believe it is the single most effective way to renew your mind, body and soul. My goal is to create a community where people learn how to achieve better quality sleep and therefore improve their overall well-being,” said Ibach. “I believe sleep can and will change the world by making society kinder.”

“Quality sleep needs to be viewed as a badge of honor; at Sleep Number we share our SleepIQ scores every day, which keeps the importance of sleep top-of-mind and a pride point. My motto is ‘Sleep Well, Dream Big’ – this means sleeping well at night so you can be your best self during the day," added Ibach.

As Ibach shares in the first editorial feature, Good Morning, “Through sleep, we can impact society with greater compassion, more connection, more kindness and more courage. No matter what your defining ideals are, or what your goals and ambitions might be, sleep will help you reach them.”

Sleep Number is the official sleep and well-being partner of Thrive Global. The companies are united in a singular mission – to help people unlock their greatest potential, improve their well-being and be the best they can be.

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