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Soft-Tex and Radiant Thermodynamics Launch Climate Control Tech Company

Sleep product manufacturer Soft-Tex International has announced it has entered a joint venture with Radiant Thermodynamics Inc. (RTI), to form Reactex Technology Group, a company created to be the leader in personal climate control technologies.

The company features an array of technologies to offer all day and night cooling with patent-pending processes developed by inventor Mark Smiderle. 

Under the umbrella name of Reactex, the technologies describe an additive technology formulated to control heat energy flow and storage to create a customer's unique ideal personal climate.

Functioning like a battery, Reactex technologies can store and release heat to provide overnight cooling or heating through pressure activation. The technology is self-recharging when not in use.

The technologies have wide-reaching applications across many consumer products and deliver rechargeable temperature control and personalized comfort, leveraging pressure activation with proprietary processes and construction.

"I'm excited to partner with Soft-Tex International in providing a climate control technology system that goes lightyears beyond other offerings currently in the marketplace employing different applications of phase change material (PCM)," said Mark Smiderle, inventor and principal of Radiant Thermodynamics, Inc.

The agreement signed earlier this month establishes Soft-Tex's Chief Executive Jeff Chilton as the CEO of Reactex Technology Group. The wider executive team includes Mark Smiderle, chief technology officer; Chris Marsh, chief marketing officer; Scott Thayer, vp of business development; Erik Sanchez, vp of product development; Tom Gibbs, controller.  

"I've seen countless cooling and climate control technologies and what Reactex can offer is by far the most advanced I've seen. I'm excited to serve as CEO of both Soft-Tex and Reactex Technology Group bringing Reactex to the forefront of what Soft-Tex offers in advanced bedding products and to countless other applications," said Chilton.

The first generation of Reactex infused products will include top of bed textiles including: pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and mattress pads. All introductions will be formally unveiled in Soft-Tex's 230 Fifth Avenue Showroom during New York Home Fashions Market, running March 18 – 21. In addition to top of bed accessories, the company has plans to launch product in other non-bedding applications within the next six months.

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