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Wildwood Appoints Laurie Acree as Design Director

High-end home furnishings resource Wildwood has named Laurie Acree as its new design director.

Acree was introduced to Wildwood when she walked the showroom for the first time six years ago at Spring High Point Market. Just a few months later, she was designing the showroom for the following Fall High Point Market. She quickly became a loyal customer and began assisting in designing products using her experience as an interior designer and buyer in the industry.

“Laurie has the perfect combination of being a great product designer and being intimately aware of the market and our customer’s needs. Her experience as an interior designer, showroom designer and contractor gives her a great perspective on product development,” said Russ Barnes, vice president of Wildwood. “It’s awesome to have Laurie as our Design Director after having her as our showroom designer for the last 6 years.”

Leading the way for Wildwood’s creative direction, Acree will be traveling the world with the design team to gather inspiration for new collections and working with the production team to put ideas into action. She hopes to create not only new products, but new partnerships as well, expanding the reach of the company.

“I feel honored to be the design director for Wildwood, leading a talented team committed to growing a brand with such established roots in the home furnishings industry. I am excited about continuing to evolve the direction of the company in a way that pays tribute to our 50 years of brand heritage while exploring new styles and creative directions,” said Acree.

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