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Dermody Joins Norris Furniture & Interiors as CAD Specialist

Fla.-based Norris Furniture & Interiors has announced the hiring of Carl Dermody to lead its Computer Aided Design Department (CAD).

Dermody will be responsible for creating computer animated renderings and augmented animations to best assist the design team and visually present their design plans to clients.

With the virtual 3D computer aided design program, Dermody and the company’s design team will be able to take clients on a tour of their home even before it is constructed. By creating computer animated renderings as well as augmented reality animations, Dermody can introduce personally selected fabrics, flooring and furniture into a comprehensive virtual structure customized to each client’s needs, enhancing the rendering from an artistic point of view. These CAD services will be available for projects at all of the Norris showroom locations.

Originally from Ireland, Dermody brings over 20 years of industry experience to the Norris team. In addition to his expertise in CAD renderings for interior home design, he has also managed design projects in the fields of construction and engineering. With a degree in Fine Arts and Design, he continues to expand his education and combines this knowledge with the experience he has gained in design project management.

“I'm very proud to be a part of the Norris team,” said Dermody. “I’m looking forward to introducing the benefits of CAD to our clients and helping them visualize their design in a whole new way.”

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