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Xtraroom, Space-Saving Furniture Brand Enters U.S. Market

Xtraroom, a brand of transformational, space-saving furniture, has entered the U.S. Market with the goal of providing superior furniture solutions and unmatched customer experience.

The company has collaborated with celebrity HGTV designer, Chip Wade, whose inventive ways of redefining spaces earned an Emmy.

"Multifunctional, transforming furniture allows millennials and empty-nesters alike to maximize their spaces and live life to the fullest," said Neil Goldwax, president. "The goal of the brand is to redefine the way consumers visualize space. A room no longer serves a singular use or needs a defined label; a room can be used in many creative ways to enhance the livability of the dwelling. It's the mission of our brand to offer innovative lifestyle solutions that allow the consumer to dream beyond the confines of four walls." 

Xtraroom's U.S. launch includes several core collections for living, sleeping, dining and more. According to CEO Michael Selim, the brand is focused on creating stylish, multipurpose solutions to fill every room. From indoor to outdoor, Xtraroom will be rolling out several transformational furniture collections throughout 2018. Each piece is crafted using the highest quality materials with ease-of-use a top priority. 

"Our products are built for convenience, comfort, and durability, all while turning heads with stylish good looks," said Chip Wade, designer and star of HGTV's Elbow Room. "For example, the Orion Collection, offered in three colors, allows an urban dweller to go from work to rest in under 60-seconds with the Orion Console Bed and Desk combination. It's furniture that truly enhances one's lifestyle." 

"Our sales, logistics and customer service teams are dedicated to supporting and servicing all of our customers' needs," said Goldwax. "We invite the furnishings industry to journey with us as we remove the limits of a room and give today's consumers space to live, work and play on their terms. Our innovative furniture is designed to give you space for the life you want--and deserve--to live."

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