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Fairfield Partners with Lily Koi on New Collection

Fairfield has partnered with Lily Koi to debut a series of new woven upholstery and accent furniture pieces.

The products will be introduced exclusively at High Point Market this month. Inspired by a personal vintage collection, the new handmade works of art by Lily Koi complement Fairfield’s craftsman furniture and reinforce both companies’ commitment to high-quality, style-forward and distinctive products.

“Fairfield is rooted in solid heritage, bringing expert craftsmanship into every single product. The unique culture and vintage attributes of Lily Koi textiles wonderfully complement Fairfield designs,” said Dixon Mitchell, president and chief operating officer. “At Fairfield, we place great importance on spotting trends before the mainstream market. We are thrilled to expand our ongoing partnership with Lily Koi as we work together together to create innovative pieces. We like pushing the envelope and getting ahead of the curve.”

Inspired by one-of-a-kind vintage finds, Lily Koi is a unique line of handmade and hand-dyed textiles created with vivid colors and fabrics inspired by the Hill Tribe people of southeast Asia. The symbolism woven into the patterns of each textile pays homage to the deep spiritual beliefs and rooted values of the tribe, incorporating ethnic heritage into modern design.

Fairfield and Lily Koi began their partnership back in the spring of 2018, collaborating on products and textile designs. Due to the positive reception and high demand for more, the two companies are elevating their partnership with new innovative products while continuing efforts to integrate the furniture and textile industries in groundbreaking ways.

“Working with Fairfield is a dream come true. Having the opportunity to collaborate with such a skilled and experienced group of creative individuals has elevated what I have been able to create,” said Jan Mirkin-Earley, creative director and founder of Lily Koi. “Our goal is to show how a young start up can successfully collaborate with 100+ year-old company to create something new and timeless.”

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