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Non-Tipping Dresser Design by HinesLab, Offers Safety Solution

Calif.-based HinesLab, a broad-base invention laboratory, has announced a non-tipping dresser design to help prevent injuries and deaths. 

“Dressers tip over when the center of gravity moves forward of the front feet.  We are very excited to have a pending patent on a dresser that will actually prevent this tip over,” said Steve Hines, founder.

The designs are simple and cost effective, requiring only one part— a baseboard. Some furniture makers provide kits to attach the dresser to the wall with a strap, but this mars the walls and inhibits rearranging the furniture. Some dressers are made with heavy backs to make them harder to pull over, but if a heavier dresser falls on a child, it will cause even more injury. With the HinesLab freestanding-dresser design, it is no longer necessary to attach dressers to the wall and no need to worry about a child being injured or killed.

“Consumers deserve peace of mind knowing that the furniture they are buying is not going to injure or kill their children. And frankly, manufacturers and retailers deserve peace of mind too,” Hines said.  “That’s why we are actively seeking licensees to commercialize this technology.”

HinesLab is offering manufacturing licenses on freestanding dressers, and after-market baseboards for existing dressers.  Contact Steve Hines at 818-507-5812 or

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