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The Arrangement Unveils New Collection, Rustic Luxury

Texas-based The Arrangement, a luxury rustic furniture store, has announced the release of three home furnishing collections.

With showrooms in Dallas and Houston, the company’s collections incorporate new designs, textures, materials and color.

“Because many pieces are custom-designed and custom-built, these collections aren’t static ‘pre-packaged’ room concepts,” said Katherine Snedeker, interior designer and president. “Each piece is tailored to the specific collection, but in many cases the pieces are still one-of-a-kind. When they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Although some pieces have been curated from around the world, the majority of the collection was designed by Snedeker.

The new line of furniture includes the Ice Tribal Collection, which has tribal patterns mixed with calm, cool colors, while the Primitive Timber Collection combines rich, elegant rough-hewn wood with durable, hand-tumbled leathers. The Open Range Collection rounds out the line, featuring a fusion of historical, reclaimed and modern, with a bold dash of red.

“By design, individual pieces within each collection may be used in any other collection,” said Snedeker. “The collections tell a story on their own, but I think each collection has even more power when viewed as the starting point for something creative on a personal level.”

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