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IFDA Assembles Pros for LV Market DesignEDGE

Nick May, an internationally recognized expert on product design will moderate the afternoon panel at DesignEDGE, presented by the Educational foundation of the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA) on July 29, the opening day of  Las Vegas Market.

May describes the designer-brand collaboration as a "win-win situation" and promises that his panelists will probe the designers' role in such partnerships and, he says, focus on "what they get out of working with the brand."  Long steeped in the business aspect of design, he created The Chaise Lounge Interior Design Podcast (, becoming the first podcaster to devote his entire platform to the business of interior design.

DesignEDGE panelists will include designers and brand reps, he says, "plus an expert from the licensing and branding side who'll talk, in general, about how she works with designers and brands to make those connections happen."

The selected panelists are:

• Julia Buckingham, who recently opened her high-end Modernique boutique in Phoenix, Arizona, is the author of the book Modernique: Inspiring Interiors, Mixing Modern and Vintage Style.

• Kelli Ellis, an internationally recognized designer, artist, licensee and speaker, is a founding partner of Design Campus, The Design MasterMind, and the author of Do I Look Skinny in This House?, which is described as a design-psychology coaching book. Her design work includes collections of furniture, fabrics, lighting, rugs, tile and art plus a new collection, for Sunpan.

• Katherine Kalen, known for managing various brands in the home fashions and furnishings industry, is currently marketing director for Sunpan. Tapping into her knowledge of analytics and consumer behavior, she is recognized for her ability to drive brand exposure through the development of integrated marketing campaigns and consistent brand messaging.

Angela Pickens, who, as a brand manager, was key to building the Tommy Bahama Home Retail power brand. She and her partner, Mike Ragan, recently started their own company. "Develop Innovative Brand Partnerships," is a brand-management company specializing in building successful partnerships between designers, retailers, manufacturers, influencers, and market centers in the home-design industry

 • Joshua Rose & Rafael Kalichstein, a unique partnership of two creative pros whose early career emphasis was in creating movie visual effects (Joshua) and practicing Eastern healing and Chinese medicine (Rafael). Their Sherman Oaks, California, firm, FORM Design Studio, is currently developing commercial, hospitality and residential projects worldwide and also creating its own product lines.

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