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Storis 9.10 Release Features Customer Enhancements

Storis’ latest release, 9.10, delivers enhanced customer open order management and logistical scheduling related to a single, unified customer.

Storis’ Unified Commerce Solution centralizes customer relationship management across in-store technology and a customer’s website.

In 9.10, Storis processes have been enhanced to manage open orders on a customer account and streamline delivery fulfillment. A new pop-up alert automatically notifies a sales associate if a customer they are working with has other open sales orders. From there, an enhancement to logistical scheduling can manage the open orders associated with one customer to minimize deliveries.

Retailers can manage multiple open order types including new sales, service orders, returns, and exchanges. The ability to merge customers is also available. Retailers that may have accumulated duplicated customer profiles over the years can merge these records to manage that customer as one account.

Anthony Urciuoli, director of the Storis product management board, reported that “70% of the enhancements to 9.10 came from ideas submitted to Storis’ Product Suggestion portal that received a high retailer consensus of value. Being able to deliver on those ideas for our retailers is rewarding to our development team.”

Other Storis enhancements cross various feature sets but have the same end goal of increasing efficiency and productivity. The “Search for a Product” window automatically starts a search when a product entry code is not recognized. Additionally, special order product lines can now be cloned and edited on an order for quick purchasing of multiple line item orders.

From a reporting standpoint, a new report in 9.10 easily allows Storis administrators to review user and user group security settings. This report can be run for different modules and processes in Storis. Reports for end of day and end of month can be auto-scheduled for designated users to receive the reports in Storis Messenger, streamlining report distribution.

Storis 9.10 is now available for general release to all Storis clients, and will be demonstrated at the Las Vegas Market starting July 28. Storis shows in the Home Furnishings Association’s Retailer Resource Center, B-1050.

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