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Wayfair 3D University Launched to Accelerate Visual Merchandising

Wayfair Inc. (NYSE: W) has launched Wayfair 3D University, the industry’s first comprehensive curriculum of 3D-modeling standards tailored for home furnishings suppliers and manufacturers.

Designed to accelerate the furniture industry’s use of 3D imagery in visual merchandising, Wayfair 3D University offers core fundamentals, best-in-class software recommendations, and in-depth tutorials for creating photorealistic 3D models of furniture and décor.

The curriculum is available to the home furnishings supplier and manufacturer community.

“As the leader in home, we are committed to pioneering new technologies and standards that will drive our entire industry forward,” said Steve Conine, co-founder and co-chairman.

“Shopping for home starts with inspiration and discovery, and as shoppers continue to shift online, 3D content will serve as the foundation for visual merchandising as well as innovative applications such as AR and VR,” he added. “We’re excited to provide a resource to our valued partners that will allow them to best showcase and sell their products not only at, but on any retail site or application.”

Building a 3D-model library of furniture and décor, Wayfair’s team of technologists, 3D stylists, and artists experiment at the best approach to creating 3D models quickly, efficiently, and at scale.

Wayfair 3D University offers core fundamentals, best-in-class software recommendations and in-depth tutorials, which are open to the community. In addition, supplier partners can sign up to receive feedback and individualized instruction from Wayfair’s team of professionals.

“We are excited to participate in Wayfair 3D University as one of the first partners in this program,” noted Andrea Ware, 3D artist, Top-Line Furniture. “While there are many methods for 3D modeling, capturing more organic shapes and textures, such as soft couches, blankets, and pillows requires a unique approach. Wayfair 3D University provides a clear standard for creating high-quality models of furniture and décor. We look forward to accelerating our 3D-modeling efforts, allowing us to bring our products to life in new and compelling ways.”

For access to the Wayfair 3D University curriculum, visit Wayfair Tech.

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