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Molecule Launches New Mattress to Regulate Body Temperature

New online mattress retailer Molecule offers a temperature regulating sleep system.

Molecule’s premier mattress is created to regulate and lower the body’s core temperature to help achieve optimal non-REM or slow wave sleep, which enables the body to restore its muscles, joints and bones.

The company’s proprietary Air-Engineered technology is used to achieve maximum airflow, resulting in better heat dissipation, and ultimately, better quality sleep.

"We're passionate about sleep and recognized a gap in the market that didn't address the specific recovery needs of those living demanding lifestyles—athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners, parents who need deep, restorative sleep—to perform their best," said Raymond Lyle, co-founder.

"Working in tandem with our medical advisory team, Molecule was precisely engineered to maximize airflow and provide efficient heat transfer, helping to regulate core body temperature without sacrificing comfort and support," Lyle added.

"One of the most important controllable environmental factors in achieving optimal sleep is regulating core body temperature," says Daniel Barone, M.D., neurology, sleep medicine, Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine and author of Let's Talk about Sleep: A Guide to Understanding and Improving Your Slumber. "Poor quality sleep can result in slowed reaction time, higher stress levels, and reduced attention and overall health.

“The fewer times we wake up overheated, the better quality rest we are able to experience and the more time our bodies have to recover, reducing our likelihood of suffering from the consequences of sleep deprivation," he adds.

Molecule's manufacturing process is eco-friendly and exceeds global environmental regulations. The high-quality foam is CertiPur-US Certified Non-Toxic, and the cover features moisture and heat dissipating technologies and an antimicrobial treatment.

The Molecule mattress is designed and assembled in the U.S. and delivered straight to customers nationwide. Consumers can expect an additional lineup of products, including Molecule's signature blanket, heat regulating sheets, and pillows in the coming months.

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