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ProfitSystems, Wondersign Catalog Kiosk Now Fully Integrated

Wondersign’s Catalog Kiosk is now fully integrated with RetailVantage, the POS system by ProfitSystems.

This partnership allows retailers to connect their Wondersign in-store kiosks to their POS software by ProfitSystems for two-way integration. With this step kiosks become transactional, item pricing is always synced across both channels, and retailers can prioritize their local inventory.

“By partnering with ProfitSystems we further reduce friction on the consumer’s path to purchase. Orders created on Catalog Kiosk will be pushed seamlessly into the POS software provided by ProfitSystems,” said Andy Reinhard, CEO of Wondersign. “This allows our customers to get the best of both worlds: the leading retail management system from ProfitSystems and the leading in-store digital catalog solution from Wondersign, combined into a powerful bundle that creates a smoother sales experience.”

“Wondersign and ProfitSystems are both dedicated to providing exceptional retail solutions for our clients, so we teamed up to create a more efficient checkout process from the kiosks,” said Joanne Gulnac, general manager of ProfitSystems. “Wondersign’s ‘endless aisle’ Catalog Kiosk paired with our dependable, cloud-based POS solution, make the perfect match for offering our clients the best tools to become more profitable.”

As an endless aisle solution, Catalog Kiosk has tens of thousands of products to browse. Only a fraction of SKUs are available pre-built in the POS. The partnership between Wondersign and ProfitSystems allows SKUs to be created on the fly whenever a consumer triggers a special order on the kiosk, simplifying the transaction for sales associates and the store and creating a seamless shopping experience for the consumer.

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