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Eclipse Expands Portfolio, Offers Luxury Sleep to Retail for Under $3,500

Mattress producer Eclipse International is expanding its brand portfolio with more than 10 luxury mattresses to capitalize on the growing luxury bedding market. Designed with high quality materials and stylish covers the collection was created to retail for less than $3,500.

Using materials like Pima cotton, Talalay Latex, organic wool and rich cover fabrics, the company says it has developed mattresses that feature many of the same components that higher priced lines offer for a dramatically lower price.

“Today’s consumers are craving upscale, luxury products in all categories, but an elegant night’s sleep in a premium-designed mattress is the pinnacle of opulence,” said Stuart Carlitz, CEO of Eclipse.

“In an industry where high-end beds can retail for $50,000 or more, many lines are beyond the reach of the majority of consumers. There’s no need to spend that much on a mattress. We use the exact same materials found in the uber-priced brands and offer a much more palatable price. Everyone deserves to sleep in luxury,” Carlitz added.

The company claims its premium offerings provide retailers an expanse of products to develop a powerful luxury bedding presentation. The luxury collections, ranging in retail from $1,000 - $3,500, are part of the national product line that Eclipse began building last year.

“Through our creative design innovation, we’ve made luxury sleep attainable,” Carlitz said. “While other bedding manufacturers are passing along price increases, we’ve made a commitment to offer well-designed, lavish mattresses with extremely sharp pricing.”

North Brunswick, N.J.-based Eclipse has an extensive global licensing network that distributes mattresses under five brands – Eclipse, Eastman House, Van Vorst, Ernest Hemingway and BIA.

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