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New PureCare Headquarters to Include Pillow Factory

PureCare, a resource for mattress and pillow protectors, sheets and pillows, is moving to new headquarters in its hometown of Phoenix, Ariz., that will include the company’s first-ever domestic pillow factory.

The new facility is 120,000 square feet – roughly six times the size of its former headquarters – and includes corporate offices, a warehouse and a showroom, in addition to the pillow plant.

Jeff Bergman, president and chief operating officer, said the 30,000 square-foot pillow factory features computerized pillow-blowing machinery that is capable of handling ball fiber, Microfiber, shredded visco-elastic foam and latex rubber foam, as well as combinations of shredded foam and fiber.

Initially, the factory will produce about 4,000 pillows per day, but production can be expanded to 20,000 per day, Bergman said.

He said the warehouse features a pick-and-pack inventory system to fill orders from retailers and retail customer service requirements.

Initially, about 15 people will work in the pillow factory. The warehouse also will have about 15 employees, and another 25 will have office and administrative positions.

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