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Rugs America Enhances Display: Creates Self-Serve Gallery

Two years ago manufacturer and wholesale distributor Rugs America unveiled a user-friendly state-of-the-art retail display system offering fixture placements in retail stores across the country. Now, the company has turned that display into a self-serve gallery with “grab and go” convenience.

"In today's fast paced and competitive marketplace, with an instant gratification seeking consumer, the ability to provide a grab and go product is now a key factor for a successful business," said Aaron Hakimian, president of Rugs America.

Rugs America's system features a fixed freestanding structure instead of swing style racks most common in the industry. With a sliding rail system the consumer can view the full pattern of a rug from a forward facing perspective, without wall mounted racks, clamps and awkward angular viewpoints.

Storage bins, holding 30 rugs on each side, have been affixed to either side of the rack in order to maintain backup stock of each style on display in sizes 5 x 7 and 8 x10. With the bins included, the structure occupies 60 square feet of space, offering 60 full-size grab and go area rugs and 20 full-size display samples, all on the retail floor.

The rail system also allows a customer to compare two or more rugs alongside one another, a feature unique to the company's fixture. After comparing options the customer can locate their selection in the storage bins alongside the fixture and take the product on the spot, offering a full service merchandising solution.

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