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Kevin King Named National Sales Manager of Classy Art

Classy Art Wholesalers, Inc. has announced the hiring of Kevin King as National Sales Manager.

King, formerly of Somerton, will be making the move from the West Coast, to join the Classy Art team in Houston, Texas.

“In the 29 years of doing business this is the first time we have had someone in this position, and we are incredibly excited for our family’s newest addition.  We discovered early on that Kevin’s goals were in line with Classy Art’s, and that he would be a good fit for our corporate culture.  We have a mutual understanding of each other’s’ needs, and we have a trust that we can each fill them.  As Classy Art continues to grow by double digits every year, we have truly needed a sales manager, and we are excited to have Kevin on board to help facilitate and build even more momentum of that growth.” said, Gabriel Cohen, President of Classy Art.

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