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BedInABox Adds R&D Team, Crafts New Product Line, the original disruptor of the bed-to-go industry, announces the upcoming redesign of several mattresses in their product line and introduces a new dedicated research and development team.

BedInABox’s resident designers, Susan Chase and Rebecca Mashburn, are joining forces to drive the rethinking of the company’s mattress offerings. Both bring experience from interior design backgrounds, offering consumer insight and a deep knowledge of home comfort, fabrics and sourcing the latest, most effective materials.

“We are accessing advanced sleep technology to offer our customers a more well-rested morning,” said Chase, Executive Director and Lead Designer. “The results will be a stylish selection of beds designed to give restful, refreshing rest for variety of sleep styles.”

Each BedInABox mattress is designed from the inside out to produce a deep, reinvigorating sleep. The research and development process examines every detail of their beds to produce the most comfortable sleep possible. This intensive process will drive the design of new comfort features. Excess joint and spinal pressure can cause discomfort, interrupting the sleep cycle. By performing pressure-mapping studies, support is redistributed to ease body stress for deeper rest.  A temperature-appropriate sleep environment can be difficult to achieve. For this reason, innovative fabrics, like phase change materials (a similar material to what NASA uses to help cool astronauts’ spacesuits), are selected to help keep sleepers comfortable throughout the night. Even the stitching on quilt tops, which can drastically change the softness or firmness rating for a mattress, is considered during the mattress design process.

This science of sleep-centered mattress design is what has driven the BedInABox brand to become a leader in the modern mattress industry.

New mattress designs become available this fall.

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