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North Seattle Lighting Company Solid Apollo Launches a New Line of Bendable LED Linear Channels

A leader in LED lighting systems and controls, Solid Apollo introduced a new line of Flexible and bendable LED Channels that can be flexed and bent to almost any configuration possible.

To cover the growing linear LED Linear fixture market, Solid Apollo LED launched 3 new types of Flexible LED Channels: Adaptflex Aluminum LED Strip Channel, Neonizer NF10 and NF12 LED Strip Channels.

Made of a very thin and flexible high grade anodized aluminum strip and a milky diffuser, the Adaptflex LED strip channel can be easily bent by hand almost to any shape that has a radius of 6 inches or more and is a great solution to make graceful curves that do not require wall or floor contact and even new and exciting signage projects.

According to Manuel Barquin, president of Solid Apollo LED “We strive to bring new exciting products into the LED lighting market, and the Adapt Flex channel is one of these new products. Now, we are not limited by just straight line installations, now the user can use their creativity to light up their projects in a new and fascinating way.”

With its headquarters in North Seattle, WA, Solid Apollo LED is a leader in sustainable energy efficient Lighting systems.

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