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Classy Art Capitalizes on Pokemon Phenomenon to Introduce a Pokemon Go Collection

The world has gone crazy for Pokemon Go.

The game, developed and popularized in the 90’s is enticing men and women of all ages to play and more specifically appeals to the elusive Millennial that marketers everywhere are trying to reach.

With so much marketing emphasis on attracting Millennials, especially in the furniture industry, this is a perfect opportunity for retailers to be in the right place at the right time and that’s just what supplier of framed and unframed wall décor, Classy Art Wholesalers, is doing. 

The biggest question in everyone’s mind, according to Gabriel Cohen, President of Classy Art Wholesalers is,  “ How do I use this to attract people to my business?”  The answer according to Cohen is in Lure Modules.  Users can buy and place a Lure Module at any Poké Stop for as low as $0.59 each when bought in bulk.  They last for 30 minutes at a time, and when one is deployed people can see it for miles in the game map.  Everyone knows when to head that way because the Lure Modules help to generate a lot of Pokémons and other items players are trying to collect.  Cohen admits, not everyone has a Poke Stop at their business, but there are definitely some near.  “Set off a couple of these lures around your business and watch the people flock,” says Cohen. 

Classy Art just happens to have 2 on their premises because they are usually around murals, statues, or other public points of interest and the Classy Art Factory has a mural that covers the exterior Western facing wall. Unfortunately, Classy Art is not open to the public, so there is no marketing edge for them.  “However, if there is one on or near a furniture stores property, the store should definitely be taking advantage,” adds Cohen. 

So now that you have that Millennial in your store, do you have the right product for them? Classy Art will be releasing its latest collection Pokémon Go wall décor specifically for this customer.

“We’ve always been known for being an agile company and responding to market trends, but I think we are able to react to this craze much faster than anything we’ve done in the past,” says Cohen. “We understand that this will be an in and out trend, so we have to move quickly as does the retailer.  Not only does this show how quickly we can respond, but it will also give us the opportunity to prove our promised one week lead times” says Cohen.

Classy Art Wholesalers, Inc is a leading supplier of framed and unframed wall décor and offers a vast array of product offerings at below market prices.

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