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Fashion Bed Group Simplifies Shopping with New Packaging Approach

Fashion Bed Group (formerly known as Leggett & Platt® Consumer Products Group) a leading provider of bedding accessory products to the U.S. retail community have created a merchandising concept designed to streamline the purchase process at retail.

Following successful previews during High Point Market in April, the company’s new SleepSense™ program will formally launch at the Summer Market in Las Vegas.

“The SleepSense concept simplifies the shopping experience by using eye-catching colors and iconic imagery to guide consumers intuitively to the right products for their individual sleep needs and preferences,” explained Rob Newcombe, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fashion Bed Group. “The easy-to-understand system also helps retailers to better assist customers at the point of sale.”

The new SleepSense packaging and merchandising program employs a new product naming strategy along with key words and visual cues to help consumers and store sales associates easily navigate product selection:

1.     Color Coding – Products have been renamed and categorized by key performance benefits, each affiliated with a signature packaging color:

·        Purified Silver – for Sleep Calm and Sleep Calm+ products offering a range of protective, firmness and contouring options to ensure healthy, comfortable rest for all types of sleepers

·        Tranquil Blue – for Sleep Chill and Sleep Chill+ products with cooling and/or breathability features that regulate temperature for comfortable, even sleep

·        Luxe Rose Gold – for Sleep Plush and Sleep Plush+ products offering protection and extra softness for a luxurious sense of comfort

2.     Performance Call-outs – Within each category, key product benefits (e.g., Protects + Controls Temperature) are clearly called out at the top of each package.

3.     Benefit Icons – Graphic icons along the bottom of the packaging face identify the distinct technologies and benefits of each product (e.g., Sleeps Ultra-soft, Blocks Moisture and Stains, Fights Allergens and Dust Mites). 

“Designed to stand out in the retail environment, the new packaging relays the most important product detailes without a lot of clutter,” said Newcombe.

If consumer focus groups are any indication, the SleepSense program is poised to perform well at retail. When asked for their input on the new packaging, more than 88% of participants indicated that they had a good understanding of the products inside.

“The packaging clearly demonstrates the product’s features without trying to overdo it,” noted one participant. “The softer tones are clearly associated with sleep and comfort.”

Additionally, when asked to rate the overall appeal of the new packaging using a five star rating scale, 72 percent of participants awarded the new SleepSense packaging four or five stars.

“The response we have received so far has been terrific,” added Newcombe. “We are excited to launch this new program for our retail partners in Las Vegas and to begin executing it at retail this August.”

The SleepSense program encompasses all of the Fashion Bed Group sleep accessories, including bedding textiles, protection products, and high-performance pillows. The new packaging and merchandising will be on display in the Fashion Bed Group Las Vegas showroom (Space #B1326) during the Summer Market.

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