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Fine Cotton Factory to Bring CuTEC®, Copper Infused Yarn to Bedding

Textile supplier Fine Cotton Factory and Next Fiber Technology | Fiber and Yarn Products Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to deliver the benefits of patent-pending, copper CuTEC®, a yarn that offers benefits ranging from odor control to improved hygiene and overall skin wellness, to the bedding industry.

Fine Cotton Factory recognized CuTEC® as a viable component being marketed successfully by retailers such as Cabela’s in its store-branded socks and saw an application for its use in sleep products.

Mattresses and sleep accessories crafted with CuTEC® offer a number of benefits, including odor control, improved hygiene and by helping to create a healthier environment for the skin for improved over all skin wellness for the consumer when sleeping on products with CuTEC®. The fiber, an engineered yarn available in white or other colors, and can be easily dyed making it perfect for use in sleep surfaces and top of bed.

“The health and hygiene benefits of copper are well documented and undeniable making CuTEC® a perfect fit for the mattress and bedding industry,” said Skip Kann, Director of Special Projects for Fine Cotton Factory. “Attributes from the copper make the fiber applicable in a variety of products that could benefit from odor control, moisture control and overall a healthier environment for the skin while you sleep.”

Three notable U.S. medical centers – the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, S.C., the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Administration Medical Center in Charleston, S.C., and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York – took part in a clinical trial assessing copper’s antimicrobial properties in intensive care units. The trials found that copper reduces the number of microbes by 97 percent and the use of copper surfaces led to up to a 70 percent reduction in infection rates.

Rick Rudinger, CEO and Owner of Next Fiber Technology, sees the move into the bedding industry as a no brainer for CuTEC®, and his passion for the product is infectious. “Fine Cotton factory is the first company in the bedding industry to become a strategic partner in CuTEC®,” he said. “The features and benefits of copper have been playing out in the sportswear arena for some time, and now it’s time to take it to the bedroom. Copper offers more science and more benefit than any other component being used today in the bedding market.”

Not only is CuTEC® applicable for use in mattress ticking, but many of the same hygiene and skin benefit features are beneficial for use in sheets and top of bed.

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