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Fine Furniture Design Invests $4M in Shanghai Factory

Fine Furniture Design has invested $4 million for new equipment at its Shanghai, China, factory. 

The capital expenditure includes the installation of new computerized numerical control (CNC) equipment and a conversion of the finish line to water-based finishes.

“These new capabilities will improve our efficiencies and allow us to manufacture more environmentally friendly, on-trend products with extreme accuracy,” said Brian Ohlrich, president of Fine Furniture (Shanghai) Limited. “It also represents a significant investment, which reflects our ongoing commitment to a continued presence in China.” 

The CNC equipment includes multiple new lathes, mills and routers, thereby providing increased design capabilities, speed, precision and manufacturing consistency. 

“By producing an incredible array of intricate and complex designs, the equipment broadens our capability to offer a wider assortment of products,” Ohlrich said. “From intricate traditional carvings to clean and precise contemporary design elements, these machines do everything more efficiently. Reduced set up times allows for more customization while improving productivity and quality. Greater accuracy also means less waste, which ultimately benefits pricing.”

The company recently completed a full-scale conversion to water-based finishing, in keeping with new government standards.

“From the research and planning stages through installation and testing, this has been an enormous undertaking,” Ohlrich said. “In our search to find the highest quality finishing materials available, suppliers have told us that this is the most state-of-the-art water-based finish line that they have ever seen. We’re extremely proud of that appraisal.” 

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the water-based finishes are clearer, more durable and easily repaired. Existing finishes also have been reformulated so that all furniture produced is now water-based.

“Throughout the conversion process we have completed extensive quality testing to assure that the new finishes meet our standards,” said Eric Graham, president of Fine Furniture Design. “To our customers and to the consumer, the new finishes will be virtually indistinguishable from the previous oil-based finishes.

“Improvements in water-based finishes and finishing equipment have come a long way in just the past few years,” he said. “We want our dealers to know that this is the most modern finish available in the industry today, and we hope that they are as excited as we are as we launch these more durable and environmentally friendly finishes.”


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