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Feizy Sets Nationwide Stain Protection Warranty

Rug supplier Feizy is introducing a  Nationwide Stain Protection Warranty program.

The coverage is available to consumers, designers and retailers of all sizes, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to purchase affordable peace of mind for luxury products. While ideal for high-end rugs that can be difficult to clean, like silk and bamboo viscose, the program is offered for rugs of all price points.

"Industry data has shown that there is an increased demand for area rugs as hardwood floors are topping the list of must-haves for home buyers,” said Cameron Feizy, senior vice president of Feizy. “Feizy is a family company built on a legacy of fine craftsmanship that has set the industry standard for captivating design and superior construction, and we are so excited to be able to be able to offer our customers a sense of comfort in their purchase. If we are unable to remove a stain from a rug under warranty, then we will replace it with another authentic Feizy rug. It really is a differentiator."

For $89, rug buyers will receive a complete guarantee that their rug will be replaced up to $5,000 if a stain cannot be removed. The warranty also offers access to more than 2,000 service providers across the country and a cleaning kit containing the industry's finest quality cleaning products developed exclusively for area rugs with free refills. If the rug owner is unable to remove the stain with the products provided, a professional will come to clean the rug. If that is unsuccessful, the rug will be sent to a facility to be cleaned.

"Furniture Protection Connection is thrilled to partner with Feizy on this warranty," said Doug Vunder, vice president of sales and marketing. "With more than 25 years of experience in in-home service and furniture protection, we are able to offer industry-leading service and customized programs and products to Feizy rug purchasers."

The warranty will be introduced at High Point Market.

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