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Rotman Creates Eco-Friendly Materials Distribution Firm

Steve Rotman, president and CEO of Rotmans Furniture, has started a distribution company devoted to delivering sustainably sourced, eco-friendly materials and components for use in home furnishings, apparel and other industries.

The company, Nature’s Home Solutions, will be a supplier of eco-friendly materials.

"As a retailer, we recognize our customers increasingly want natural, sustainable, allergy-friendly furnishings for their homes that are healthy, environmentally responsible, and safe," Rotman said. "Often products that meet those criteria don't exist or are hard to find, so we created Nature's Home Solutions with the mission to seek out eco- and allergy-friendly, certified sustainable, high quality, durable materials and materials technologies and bring them to market."

Tom Eisenberg will oversee business and operations for Nature's Home Solutions. Eisenberg is the founder of Global Bedding Connections, a bedding consulting firm, and previously was vice president of strategic marketing for Latex International.

"Tom is ideally suited to lead Nature's Home Solutions as his position will draw upon his successful leadership at posts in sales, marketing, operations, developing international and domestic distribution channels and direct-to-retail strategies at Latex International," Rotman said.

Eisenberg said the company is well positioned to uncover product solutions for vendors and retailers looking for environmentally responsible goods.

“We will create strategic alliances with numerous suppliers and manufacturers that will enable access to natural materials and technologies in the apparel, furnishings, homegoods, bedding and other industries,” he said. “They in turn can produce more environmentally-friendly components and products to be sold by retailers nationwide."

The company has signed its first distribution agreement with Vystar Corp., a manufacturer of rubber latex.

"If we can help our fellow retailers and their manufacturing partners deliver healthier, natural products for consumers while protecting the rainforests and our environment, then Nature's Home Solutions will have succeeded in its mission,” Rotman said.

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