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Serta Kicks Off iComfort Marketing Campaign

Mattress supplier Serta is shining the spotlight on its iComfort mattresses with its latest marketing campaign set to launch Wednesday.

The campaign is in time for the iComfort Memorial Day national event that includes several new television spots and social media promotions that communicate the idea that iComfort is “so comfortable, you’ll be comfortable with anything”. 

Plus, Serta will introduce new testimonial films highlighting real consumer experiences with iComfort. 

The television commercials introduce a man with a variety of misguided ideas and his surprisingly supportive wife, who is always relaxing on their new iComfort mattress. In each spot, he enters the couple’s bedroom and announces his latest endeavor – and it’s always something that would make most significant others cringe. Yet, she is so comfortable on the mattress that she’s equally comfortable with her husband’s latest plan and responds to him with “I’m comfortable with that.”

The commercials and testimonials can be previewed online

“As iComfort enters its fourth year and we introduce all new products, we felt it was time to move from simply communicating product features and benefits to establishing a brand promise,” said Andrew Gross, senior vice president of marketing for Serta. “In addition, we saw an opportunity to ladder to our overall Serta brand benefit of comfort and introduce the sense of humor that has historically been part of the brand’s advertising, as exemplified by our famous Counting Sheep campaign.”  

In addition to the new commercials, Serta will offer documentary-style testimonials online that follow five consumers as they experience the iComfort Sleep System in their home. These films are meant to further aid in moving consumers through the purchase cycle by communicating the benefits of iComfort through the words of real consumers.

Finally, Serta will launch various social media promotions over the summer inspired by the “Always Comfortable” campaign using the hash tag #ComfortableWithThat.  

“We always aim to stand out not only within our very competitive category, but also across the broader world of advertising messages our consumers encounter every day,” Gross said. “By using humor to communicate the iComfort brand promise, our message will stand out and encourage consumers to learn more by visiting us online. Once on our Web site, they will be inspired by the real consumer testimonials to visit a retailer and experience iComfort for themselves. The social media component will promote continuous engagement with the campaign throughout the peak mattress selling season.”    

The “Always Comfortable” campaign launches online tomorrow and on television on May 21st. Each ad is tagged with Serta’s national marketing offers, which include 0 percent financing on all iComfort/iSeries mattresses plus the introduction of Serta VIP Rewards, a groundbreaking consumer loyalty program that allows consumers to earn up to $1,000 toward their next mattress purchase. The first social media promotion will launch around Memorial Day and will invite shoppers to share “iComfort Selfies” of their in-store trial of the product on various platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.  

This kicks off an unprecedented peak season media plan for Serta, with more than 3.6 billion impressions across both the iComfort and Serta brands. iComfort alone will be on air for 13 weeks with a heavier presence around the key holidays. Advertising for both brands will be seen across a broad range of networks and programs including NBC’s Today Show and Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, ABC World News, CBS Evening news, A&E, Animal Planet, BET, Bravo, CNN, Fox News, HGTV, TBS, TND and USA as well as other networks.  Digital advertising plans will deliver over 1.2 billion impressions with high profile placements across desktops, laptops and mobile devices using innovative creative units designed to drive visits to retail stores. The digital campaign will run on Websites such as Hulu, House Beautiful, Health, Fox News, USA Today, Web MD and Weatherbug.  

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