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Restonic Launches Blog Ambassador Program

Sleepy BloggerBedding vendor Restonic is seeking contributors to the “Sleepy Blogger Brand Ambassador Program” it recently launched.

“Our growing online community is passionate about all things sleep,” said Ron Passaglia, president of Restonic, Buffalo, N.Y. “What’s more, they’re eager to learn how to share tips and discuss ideas on how to sleep better--with each other and with us. Launching this program allows us to continue the conversation beyond the confines of 140 characters.”
Restonic launched a consumer-focused blog in December 2013 and reported immediate sharing of content with its online community. According to the company, many of its blog posts receive higher than average sharing on social media (compared with similar corporate blogs). Since the launch of the blog, the company has seen a 25 percent increase in Web site traffic and growth across all of their social media channels.
“Like in most business situations, creating a happy-to-share community online begins with trust,” said Julia Rosien, Restonic’s brand engineer. “We want to be part of the conversation, not control it, and the bloggers we work with use uniquely creative ways to engage with their communities – and bring us into those conversations.”
In recent years, blogging has allowed many businesses to intimately connect with past, present and future customers, offering them a more robust and human view of the inner workings of these companies. The most effective blogs are written in the first person and allow readers to easily comment and share ideas. Rosien said the Restonic Sleep Blog serves as a customer service channel, product development incubator and the “ultimate online water cooler.”
To learn more about Restonic’s Sleepy Blogger Brand Ambassador program, visit the blog or reach out to Julia Rosien.

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