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Charles P. Rogers Branding Stands Test of Time

Bed retailer Charles P. Rogers kicked off its advertising campaign in Harper's magazine in 1904 with a column-width ad featuring one of its beds. Today, the company's advertising remains in print and continues to feature its beds.

In 1904, when Charles P. Rogers bed company took out this column-width advertisement in Harper's magazine, the average consumer shopping for home furnishings had very different needs. Most Americans lived on farms, fetched water from a pump and bathed once a month. In New York City, an average of 16 people crammed into 460 feet of apartment—where the heat came from a coal stove, electric lights were unknown, and the privy stood at the end of the alleyway. In country or city, the 1904 home bore little resemblance to today's carpeted, air-conditioned, WiFi-equipped domicile.

That is, with one exception: the bedroom.

The chamber in which we lay our heads has done a remarkable job resisting changing times.


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