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Pearl Collective Reveals Highlights of 2022 Interior Designer Survey

Pearl Collective, formerly known as Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, in conjunction with Interior Talent, a leading architectural and design recruitment firm, revealed the results of its 2022 Interior Designer Survey on Fees, Salaries and Competing for Talent.

The initial findings, compiled in an executive summary, is filled with details gathered from every region of the country and provides what design firm owners need to know to be successful in today’s market.

Pearl Collective, business experts and coaches for professional designers and firms, queried the interior design community throughout the summer of 2022 including both small and large firms, from start-ups to long-term veterans, and those with modest revenues to those with revenue of more than $5 million.

This was the first survey since before the pandemic. The results of the study offer actionable insights that provide the interior design community and the designer-focused manufacturers with data-driven intelligence to shape their business decisions.

“We are pleased to be able to share the results of this in-depth poll. It’s a compelling story, one that creates a very strategic opportunity for owners of interior design businesses,” said Erin Weir, co-founder of Pearl Collective.

Weir continues, “Today’s firms face a myriad of issues, but now they will have a clear picture of what is driving those challenges, which is key to their future success. The insights gleaned are critical for benchmarking and offers fuel for ongoing planning.”

“As coaches and consultants, it is important for us to wrap our arms around the issues the industry is facing now that the pandemic has waned to help guide our clients through a changing landscape,” said Gail Doby, co-founder of Pearl Collective.

“We took the pulse of interior design professionals, and now have the knowledge needed to decipher what’s happening and the impact it is having, which will allow us to help our clients uncover opportunities that lie ahead.”

Illustrating the breadth of participation, 57% of respondents said they have been in business for 11+ years, while 25% said they have been in business for five years or less. When asked how many employees they have, 56% said between one and five, followed by 28% who reported being sole practitioners. Firms with sales of $500,000 or less in 2021 made up 52% of the respondents.

While these are just some of the highlights of the report, interested individuals can register to receive the full results, which will be available in mid-November, by going to Pearl Collective’s Executive Summary site.

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