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Gorman's Debuts Crypton Home Fabrics in Michigan

Gorman's Home Furnishings & Interior Design is introducing Crypton Home Fabrics at its five Michigan design centers.

Crypton's patented fabric process is designed to ensure consistent stain, moisture and microbial resistance, superior strength and durability for upholstered furniture. Crypton Home Fabric is its latest innovation, a new, easy-to-clean fabric.

Gorman’s Southfield showroom features a brand new interactive Crypton display created by retail display specialist JGA( From pouring coffee to drawing on them with crayon, the display enables consumers to pit the product against the same hazards it would likely encounter at home, then clean the mess right up. 

The display presents frames from vendors such as Rowe, Lazar, Vanguard and Century Furniture, all upholstered in Crypton Home Fabrics. While the Crypton exhibit is available only in Southfield, the fabric can be ordered at Gorman’s other design centers in Grand Rapids, Novi, Troy and Lakeside.

“There is a definite need for a product like Crypton Home Fabrics in the marketplace. When we were introduced to the innovative, fashion-forward fabric, we instantly knew this would be a true value for our customers,” said Gorman’s CEO Bernie Moray. “I was impressed. This isn’t an aftermarket ‘spray-on’ solution. Technology allows these lifestyle properties to be woven directly into the fabric, providing long-lasting protection.”

Randy and Craig Rubin of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., founded Crypton in 1993.

“We began the business in the basement of our home in Franklin,” Rubin said. “My dream 20 years ago was to make Crypton a household name. Now that we are launching into the residential furniture market with a soft fabric designed specifically for consumers, it is only natural that we begin with a top retailer in our own backyard, Gorman’s.” 

“I think it’s important that metro Detroit businesses were able to team up to make this product launch a success," Moray said. "The benefit of local partnerships shouldn’t be underestimated. They makes us stronger as a region.”

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