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Furniture Brands' Pension Top Unsecured Creditor

The list of top 30 unsecured creditors in the Furniture Brands International (OTC: FBNIQ) Chapter 11 bankruptcy case has been released.

The list includes Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., a government insurer of defined-benefit pensions, but it doesn't include the amount of the claim. According to Furniture Brands' most recently released quarterly report from August, the company's pension obligation was $208.7 million. 

The creditors' list was prepared based on Furniture Brands' unaudited books and records as of Sept. 7.

Here's a look at the rest of the unsecured creditors' list:

LF Products PTE Ltd. owed $2.5 million

Zhejiang Ausen Industry Co. owed $2.4 million

Shenzhen Polygrace (Leather Miracles) owed $1.7 million

Yash Technologies PVT Ltd. owed $1.5 million

Fookyik Furniture International Co. owed $1.4 million

Penske Truck Leasing owed $1.2 million

Stein Fibers owned $989,142

Haining Kareno owned $962,135

Nippon Yusen Kabushi owed $954,572

Watkins & Shepard owed $903,470

Haining Nicelink Furniture owed $887,708

Horizon Retail Construction owed $873,425

Rocktenn CP owed $827,269

Der Cheng Furniture Co. Ltd. owed $688,898

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products owed $651,527

Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. owed $589,044

Omexey Home Furnishing Corp. of Vietnam owed $588,876

Culp owed $586,454

Nihao Furniture owed $582,892

Dongguan Yihao Furniture Co. Ltd. owed $566,296

Shayne International owed $562,925

Pilot Travel Centers owed $541,788

NYK Logistics owed $539,330

Standard Register owed $531,703

MOL America owed $510,605

Independent Furn Supply owed $476,754

Superwood owed $470,956

Yang Ming Marine Transport owed $463,760

Green River Furniture Corp. owed $452,961.


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