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ISPA Updates, Expands Labeling Manual

The International Sleep Products Association has partnered with Legal Label Inc., on an updated and expanded electronic version of the Manual of Labeling Laws.

The manual is a tool that helps mattress manufacturers navigate the complexities of labeling their products for sale in different states.

The manual contains comprehensive information on U.S and Canadian laws regulating the labeling of new and secondhand bedding, upholstered furniture and other products. The purpose of these labels is to protect consumers from unknowingly purchasing a secondhand product or product that contains unsafe or unsanitary materials. Labeling details are critical, because exactly which products require law labels can vary from one state to the next (as can the labeling and registration requirements themselves), and mistakes can result in costly sales and business interruptions.

In addition to providing details about a federal requirement regarding the labeling of mattresses that contain used filling materials, the new manual summarizes U.S. law label requirements set by 32 individual U.S. states and local jurisdictions, 15 of which also require company registration and licensing. In Canada, three of ten provinces require registration and licensing.  

The updated manual contains easy-to-use charts that show the general law label requirements for all U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions. The new edition also contains a number of enhancements. First, it is in electronic form, which will allow for easy reference and more frequent updating. Second, the manual provides more information about each state’s requirements.

This manual can be downloaded electronically from the ISPA Web site, and is provided as a free benefit to all ISPA members. Members only need a valid Web site password (provided free to all members) to access it. Non-members may purchase the manual by going here.

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