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Furniture Wizard Has New POS Kiosk

Home furnishings retail software vendor Furniture Wizard will showcase a new point-of-sale kiosk at next week's Las Vegas Furniture Market.

Sales associates and customers can use the "Ultimate Point of Sale" touch-screen kiosk as a super catalog to browse in-stock and special-order inventory. It does not require Internet access, so there is no waiting for pages and images to load. The kiosk's most powerful feature is the ability to intelligently suggest add-on items that carry higher margins when presenting products, allowing retailers to take full advantage of their merchandising. showing everything they have to offer in an efficient manner.
Retailers can use the kiosk in two ways: as a catalog station handling a transaction from start to finish, allowing associates to show the add-on items along the way; and used in conjunction with Furniture Wizard's iFurniture iPad application. After sales associates gathers order information on the iPad they can make a stop at the kiosk to review the order, giving them a second chance to sell the higher margin add-on items in the review process. 

“When we saw the touch interface that Windows 8 offers we knew the tools were now available to build the Ultimate Point-of-Sale Solution,” said Martin Fischbein , founder and president of Furniture Wizard Software. “Our goal has always been and still is to create intelligent affordable software solutions that focus on the tasks retailers do every day.”

Furniture Wizard been working with manufacturing partners that will employ its kiosk and iPad applications to enhance their sales forces and streamline their marketing tools. The Ultimate Point-of-Sale can be seen at Furniture Wizard's space in the new Retail Resource Center on the 10th floor of World Market Center's Building B.

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