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Mattress Firm Chooses First Snoozetern

Mattress Firm has announced Juliane Nguyen as its inaugural Snoozetern after weeks of reviewing more than 220 applicants.

The company received more than 1,000 votes from participants on social media and Nguyen’s creative video and sleep skills earned her the spot as the in-house bed tester.

Although some of Nguyen's duties entail napping during business hours, she won't just be sleeping on the job. As the Snoozetern, she will also be creating video content, sharing her experience on Mattress Firm's social channels and learning and reporting on employee sleep habits and routines. Nguyen will also be responsible for testing sleep products and accessories to help determine what hits stores next. 

"The moment I saw the call for applicants to be Mattress Firm's Snoozetern, I knew I was the right person for the job," Juliane Nguyen said. "I think my love for sleep coupled with my fresh content ideas and video skills made me the perfect 'snoozer.' I am so excited to start snoozing and sharing!" 

Nguyen made her official Snoozetern debut on Aug. 20 at Mattress Firm's BEDQuarters in Houston, and she has been immersed in all things sleep since her start, beginning with her first assignment, a get-to-know-you 60 Winks video. Nguyen also has a co-snoozer, Otis the Snoozedoodle, and together they'll be publishing content on the company's Instagram. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Juliane as our inaugural Snoozetern," said Scott Thaler, chief marketing officer. "In addition to a long list of other snooze-worthy ideas, she's already showing her slumber-star creativity through content for our Snoozedoodle Otis. She also just completed her first product review and is anxious to share it with all those in need of a better night's sleep. It's clear Juliane is just as sleep-obsessed as we are and will feel right at home at BEDQuarters!"

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