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Storis Releases Latest Software Update

Retail software provider Storis has released the latest version of its software, which includes features the company says will enable retailers to enhance their customers’ in-store and online experiences.

Revision 9.8. comes six months after Storis’ last software release, and is the first release to follow their agile development model.

Over fifty of Storis’ point-of-sale secondary process screens have been redesigned to reflect its mobile-optimized screen configuration, which was first seen in version 9.7. The company said the mobile design is accompanied by a series of new icons enhancing the interface’s design aesthetic.

“Both of these elements combine to deliver a modern and fresh look to the software package that complements the showroom experience our retailers offer,” said Product Manager Donnie Surdoval.

Storis said it utilized an agile software development process, which contributes to an expedited release schedule for updated versions of its software. As part of the process, large development projects are broken down into smaller deliverables, and there is a dedicated project team of programmers, QA technicians, and documentation specialists throughout the duration of the project. 

Senior Manager of Quality Assurance Melissa Ocampo described this method as “a collaborative effort amongst the production team, which fosters a more creative and cooperative environment.”

“Using this method has accelerated our enhancement turn-around, which is a huge win for Storis retailers,” she said.

According to Storis officials, the release of 9.8 also brings about new functionality to its recently launched eStoris Integrated eCommerce platform. Delivery logistics now showcase when each product on the retailer’s website is available for delivery to the customer, with adjustments based on their zip code location. In addition, a customer can adjust their delivery date from a retailer’s website to meet their needs, but also comply with the retailer’s logistics.

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