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Market on Green to Receive 'Green Market Award' from City

The Market on Green showroom building in downtown High Point will receive the city's "Green Market Award" for its proper handling of trash and recycling during the spring and fall markets in 2016.

The award, presented annually to a showroom building who does an exemplary job of handling trash and recycling at its facility, will be presented April 18 at an awards ceremony at the building, 212 E. Green Dr.

"Business partners like Market on Green are great for the City of High Point," said High Point Mayor Bill Bencini. "By properly handling their trash and recycling during last year’s markets, they helped make cleanup easier for our Public Services department. Businesses like Market on Green make downtown a more inviting place to come and do business for the tens of thousands of people who visit our city each year.”

City officials said a typical market generates over 500 tons of cardboard in addition to other recyclable material, all of which is recycled by the City. However, showrooms that comply with City guidelines help ensure that the collection of recycling and trash runs smoothly during a very hectic and busy time for the Public Services department.

Market on Green consistently followed the City’s collection guidelines, contributing to the clean and safe environment that participants have come to expect, officials said.

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